Confessions - Saturday 5/31/14

Dear Diary,
I am in bed with Tyler lying next to me. He came over late last night and hasn't left since. Michael continues to call me, and leave me messages asking to get together to talk. I am scared he will stop by and find Tyler here. I think about telling Tyler to go home just in case, but yet he is still here as if he belongs or maybe I just don’t care what Michael thinks. I am not sure if I am having trouble sleeping because of what people might think about us, or if it’s because I am not sure how I will feel when Tyler’s internship is over. He only has few weeks longer and then he will go back to school and … and I don’t know. What am I doing? Am I in love or in lust? I don’t feel in love, but I certainly don’t want to let him go. I miss him when he is gone, but even when he’s here I still feel as if something is missing from our relationship.
I meet Michael for breakfast, telling Tyler I have plans with a friend. By the expression on Tyler’s face I am sure he didn't believe me, a feeling that sits in the back of my mind while I sit across from Michael’s smiling face.
“Thank you for meeting with me. I miss spending time with you.” Michael says reaching out to touch my hand, but I pull it back before he can take hold if it.
“You have seen me every day this week, Michael.”
“No, I haven’t spent quality time with you. I have worked near you and that child you have working with you.”
“He’s not a child.” I snap.
“He acts like he owns you, protective even. I can’t even sit next to you without him scooting closer.”
“Did you invite me here to talk about Tyler?”
“No, I am just curious as to why you would work with someone like that?”
“He was assigned to me and he is actually good at what he does. He learns fast and he is dedicated. Simply dedicated is all. I treat him well and he appreciates it by defending me against someone he immediately doesn't trust and for good reason.”
“Illana, you would have left and taken the job too. I did ask you to come with me.”
“Yes you did, you asked me to be your house … girl. I still don’t understand why you’re here, I am really curious to know what Kate must think?”
Michael leans back in his chair shaking his head, “She was a brief period of time, and was not anything serious.”
“She sounded serious. And was so helpful in setting up your new house when you moved … as soon as you moved.” I state to let him know, I know more than he thinks.
“She was someone I met at the office when I was interviewing for the position. Nothing happened. When I moved, she offered to help, and yes, after I while I did give in to her. I was heartbroken and thought I would never see you again, so I used her to forget you. But it didn't work.” Michael leans forward and takes my hand, “I miss you and I want you to come back with me, live with me. I can get you into a great position at the firm and we can work together.”
“What kind of position?” I question him.
“What?” He asks as if he has already forgotten his promise.
“The one you just said you would help me get, so we could work together, remember?”
“Oh, well you could start out as my assistant but I am sure …”
“Your assistant?! I have more experience than you, a better education than you and am way more talented than you BUT I am supposed to be YOUR assistant?”
“That was harsh and unnecessary whether you’re angry or not. I know it doesn't sound like much, but it is the best I can do for right now. Once a position opens up I will make sure you are at the top of the list for consideration.”
“Or maybe we can start our own company?” I bring up to see his reaction.
“Our own company? Sure, one day, maybe. For now I think it’s best to play it safe and keep the jobs we have. I tell you what, I’ll even marry you and we can start a family, get a nice house, have a few kids. I will give you everything you want. All you have to say is yes, and come back with me, put all this other bullshit behind you.”
“How do you know what I want?” I ask realizing he has never asked me before.
“You want whatever woman wants, a husband to rescue her, provide security, a home, and a family. I can provide all that.”
I get up from the table with a sharp laugh, “Michael, I can supply my own security. I don’t need a man to provide for me. I don’t need or want prince charming to come to my rescue, I stop looking for him when I was ten and learned the difference between fantasy and reality. My reality is, I am a woman that can handle her own issues. If you need to rescue someone then I suggest you find a good charity and maybe that airhead you cheated on me with. See you Monday, unless you decide to run back home to the desperation you left behind there.”
I can’t wipe the smile off my face, and the moment I walk into my house I find Tyler with bags of groceries. “What are you doing?”
“I’m going to cook for you tonight. I had to go to the store because you don’t have anything to work with in here.” He remarks waving his hand at my nearly empty cabinets.
“I don’t need you to buy me groceries or make me dinner.”
“Who said I was doing any of this for free, my bill is on the counter.” He winks. I glance over and find a folded up piece of paper with my name on it. I open it up and read, “You owe me big time.” I laugh out loud. “Hey don’t you laugh, I am getting ready to cook the best meal you have ever had.”
“Why are you here Tyler, don’t you have parties to go to, clubs to be at, girls to meet?”
“Are you tired of me already?” He asks with sad puppy eyes. Tyler reaches out for me and pulls me to him. “Listen I don’t expect anything from you, except honesty. We are friends and beyond that you are free to see whoever you want, tell me to leave you alone and there will be no hard feelings. I have no interest in a serious relationship, but right now I enjoy being here with you. Besides your house is cleaner than mine.” We both laugh but I look him over carefully. “Do you have fun with me?”
“I do, but I have goals and ambitions just like you do and I want to make sure whatever this is doesn't cloud what we both really want?”
“Rest assured, I would do anything for you, but I am only here a few more weeks and then I am going back to school for my last year and I am not going to have time to worry about any relationship or get in the way of anyone’s ambitions. In fact, I guess now that we have brought that up, I need to tell you something. I am going to be leaving Wednesday for a week. I told them when I was hired about it, but I am assuming they haven’t told you yet. My parents planned this trip, I didn't know to where until today, but they are sending me to Brazil for my birthday.”
“It’s your birthday?” I stand back in shock.
“Today actually.”
“Why didn't you say something I would have bought a cake or flowers or something?”
“Flowers?” He questions with a laugh. “I would prefer to try out something I have planned. I have some special treats ready to go that I plan on eating off of you later.”
“Ooh okay…” I enjoy a little kiss before I realize what he actually said. “WAIT! You’re going to be gone! I need you here to help me finish.”
“I’ll be back before the first presentation to help you get the final details in order. And all we have left to do now is the artwork, and Trey is going to help you with that, remember? You’re going to be okay and I will call and check in daily. If you need me to do anything while I’m away I will be able to do it remotely.”
“I don’t like it, but if you promise to be available in case I need you, then …okay.”
“Oh you will be fine, besides you have … Michael to help.” He says rolling his eyes.
“Maybe, after my meeting with him this morning ...”
“You met that fuck this morning!” Tyler snaps at me. “I knew you weren't telling me everything, breakfast with a friend my ass. What for, so he can tell you some more lies? Oh Illana, you know how much I respect you and want nothing more than for you to be happy … ohhhh …bullshit, lie, bullshit. I can’t stand that piece of shit.”
“Are you done?” He sighs with a shrug. “I was only going to say that I doubt he will be back to help me ever again since I told him, to run back to that desperate piece of trash he cheated on me with.”
“You did not?” He laughs. I nod, “Oh, well then you go back there in your room, get undressed and into bed and I will be in there to serve you up with the respect you deserve.”
“Isn't it your birthday?”
“It is, so why are you still standing here dressed and not doing what I want? Go!” I run off as he smacks my ass.
Tyler made an incredible dinner, but it’s dessert that I love the most. Lying back, he draws a chocolate line down my body and immediately begins licking it off again. Some whip cream on my nipples and his tongue swirls it right back off with a squeeze of each breast. He sits up and drips some chocolate down his rapidly forming erection. I smile sucking it off with delight. He moans moving his hips back and forth to get the full effect of my mouth. “It’s my turn now.” He leans me back and spreads my legs; dripping chocolate down in between. “Ooh chocolate pussy, just what I wanted.” He continuously licks it up, swirling his tongue all around and in, making sure to not miss a single drop. I lie back gripping the pillow under my head with a smile, but when I feel a sudden vibration I jump up to see him playing with a new toy. “I wanted to try something. He gently touches me with the vibrating penis and then pushes it inside me. Tyler seems to get a sudden rush over the sight. “You like that? You want to try it somewhere else?” I look up at him and slowly roll over to my stomach. He rubs the vibrating tool over my bare ass, teasing me with it before finally pushing it in. He quickly repositions himself, grabbing a pillow and putting it up under my hips so my ass is perfectly on display for him. Slow and easy he plays, until my pussy begins to drip with satisfaction. Tyler takes advantage immediately. With his toy still pleasuring my ass, his hardened cock finds its way deep inside of my pussy. My orgasmic intensity is so strong that it equals that of at least two men pleasuring me at once and he seems to like the idea of it just as much. My orgasms are hard and strong and continue repeatedly until he roars up and comes inside of me. He pulls out falling back on his back with a large smile. Crawling up his chest I look down into his eyes.
“Wow, I have never done that before.”
“You liked it – huh?” I nod happily. “It was definitely a happy birthday for me.” He exhales with pure joy written all over his face. I enjoy seeing him happy, but it felt more like a very happy orgasmic birthday for me.

Monday 6/2/14

Back to work and surprisingly Michael is already there waiting for Tyler and I to show up. “Here early to say goodbye?” Tyler asks him.
“No, I am here to help as I originally said I was here to do.” Michael insists. “Can I talk to you for a second?” he says taking hold of my arm and escorting me to an empty conference room. “Did you tell him about our breakfast date?”
“I told him that you would probably not be here and I am wondering why you are?”
“I am going to prove to you that I have changed, that I am here for you. I obviously don’t know what you want in life, and I want to know what it is you do want and hopefully I can figure out a way to be it. I promise you Illana, I am not going to give up on us.”
I sigh surprised that after so much time crying about him, that now I don’t feel much of anything for him. Maybe that’s what bothers him and why he stays. “Okay, well I need you to get to work then, Tyler is leaving to go to Brazil this week so I am going to need you to concentrate on work and not me.”
“Yes Ma’am.” He says placing a hand on my back as if he is going to hug me. I give him a sideways glance and walk away.


Tuesday 6/3/14

Michael is driving me insane, he is so helpful. He is going out of his way to make sure I understand he isn't giving up on impressing me or to somehow prove how much he can change. He is all about hearing me and understanding my needs. Tyler makes fun of him behind his back, although he gets annoyed when he won’t leave us alone for two seconds. Tyler nearly followed me into the restroom just to be alone with me for a few minutes. We are both horny and needing a release before he goes. Instead of locking the bathroom door and fucking me on the counter, he shows up at my place to say goodbye.
Lying in his arms I let my hands wander over his body with a long deep breath. “A whole week, without this, do I have to?”
“I guess you don’t have to go without sex, but whatever you do please don’t give into Michael while I am gone. Have sex with anyone you want to, but him, please. He is up to something I just know it.”
“I promise, I need to work with your roommate this week anyway.”
“Yes, spend your time with Trey, and leave stick up his ass Michael at the office.”
“I assume you are going to spend your vacation, having as much fun as possible?” I ask as he carefully searches for the right words.
“I am going to do my best to improve international relations between our two countries.”
“I didn't know we were having a problem with Brazil.” I counter.
“Well it’s been a slow growing issue with the Portuguese, they are constantly forcing this soccer thing on us and I am determined to put a stop to it one bikini-clad woman at a time.”
“Uh-huh, you’re such a terrible liar.”
“I know, I don’t know why it’s so hard for me. I blame you.”
“Me? Why?”
“Because you are so damn sexy lying on my chest and rubbing your hands over my … and licking your lips with that incredible tongue of yours … I mean fuck how can I think clearly with all that going on?” I don’t say a word I simply take what I want.

Wednesday 6/3/14

It’s just me and Michael today and he needs me here all day to answer the million questions he somehow came up with overnight – I hate my life.

Thursday 6/2/14

I sneak into the office early and grab what I need and leave Michael a note of what to get done for the day while I am meeting with our artist on the projects. The address Tyler gave me is easy to find, but the old loft building is a little suspect until I get inside the remodeled building. I find the right loft and ring the bell waiting for someone to open up the rolling door. I begin to think no one is coming when there is a sudden release of the lock and the door rolls up and reveals a shirtless, tone dark skinned man with work gloves and a chiseled chest that causes my jaw to drop to the floor. “You must be Illana.” He says with a smooth tone. “I’m Trey, welcome to my studio.” He waves his hand to invite me in and smiles all over himself as he looks me over.
Walking in I notice the large artwork scattered throughout the industrial loft, it’s amazing. Even the numerous nudes he paints is intoxicating. “That one is Brittany, she had a great ass as you can see.”
“You paint them and then photograph it?”
“Yes, I find it more personal if you talk with someone, get to know who they are and then capture their personality by painting it on them. You pull their inner beauty out and put it on display of their outer beauty.”
“And all of the women just happen to be perfect?”
“I don’t know what you mean by perfect, but I find all women’s bodies perfect and beautiful.” He pulls out another of a larger woman. “Now this is Nehlia, she has a fuller figure, but when she smiles, she lights up the whole world. She was nervous at first, but then she relaxed and this is actually one of my favorite pieces. In fact, it was the first one to sell at my last show. Don’t judge me yet. I may be a man with typical needs, but I am far from typical. Now tell me, what do you need from me?”
I smile as he tosses his work gloves and sits casually on what I can only assume is some other roughed up metal art piece he sculpted. I take out my sketches and begin to show him as I talk him through the ideas Tyler and I have worked out.
“Yeah, I could do this, would you mind if I suggest a few adjustments though?”
“No feel free, I am always open to other ideas.”
“Tyler said you would be. I didn't want to even consider helping you guys out but he promised you would be open to them rather than closing everyone off and acting like you have to be the only one to have all the ideas.”
“I think inspiration can come from anywhere and I have no problem admitting someone else came up with something better than I did, especially if it makes me look good. So make me look good and I will listen to whatever you have to say.”
“Alright that should be easy.”

Friday 6/3/14

I spend the day working with Trey and watching him work, he looks back at me a few times as if I am making him nervous. “Am I making you nervous, I’m sorry but I am not anxious to get back to the office today and I enjoy watching you.”
“You can stay as long as you want to, but if you enjoy watching me work so much then you should let me paint you.”
I sit up straight, “You mean paint me?! Like…”
“I don’t have to sell any of the images, you can take them home for your own personal collection if you want, but I think you would enjoy it. It is a really freeing experience. You’re aren't shy about your body are you?” I shake my head glancing over at the artwork of the nude painted women. Trey laughs and goes back to work shaking his head, “If you decide you would like to try it just let me know.”
I begin to imagine the process, the feeling of being naked and vulnerable as he covers my body with paint. I wonder how detailed he gets, how close and personal he gets. “Do you always only paint the women or do you allow them to paint you too?” I joke and not expecting an answer.
“Sometimes, but that can tend to get pretty erotic at times so I don’t put those pieces out on display, some people get offended.” He states as if he answered a question about the time. It’s 11:30 and I paint nude with naked women and allow them to admire my body as I admire theirs, what do you want for lunch. I look over his body slowly becoming dizzy over the idea.
“Um I should probably go pick up some lunch, would you like something?” I ask grabbing my bag.
“A sandwich would be great. Are you okay? You look flushed.”
“Yeah, I … I’ll be back.” I race to the door.
“Hey!” I turn to see his pleasure seeking smile trying to draw me in, “You know you should let me paint you, we could do it tomorrow. I am open all day. Think about it.”
I nod rushing out the door and doing nothing for the rest of the day but thinking about it.


Saturday 6/3/14

I wasn't planning on being here today. Talked myself in and out of it all night, until I started drinking and then I passed out planning on being here. But now I am sober and nervous as hell. Trey lifts the door and smiles as if he had no doubt that I would be here. “Don’t look at me like that, I’m not sure I should be here.”
“Of course should, come on in, I already have an idea setup for you.” I follow him in looking around wondering where I would change, not that I guess it matters if I am changing out of my clothes completely. Trey shows me around to a set where he has a desk setup, a typical business office of sorts. “I was thinking of putting you in your typical environment, but opening you up like a butterfly fleeing it’s cocoon. I know you’re nervous so we can start simple at first, I’ll start on your back. You can change on the other side of the screen and I will turn around until you say you are ready, okay?”
I agree, slowly taking off my clothes and trying to talk myself into going home and forgetting this ridiculous idea. But I don’t. No, instead I do what I want and I walk out and sit up on the desk folding over my legs with my back and bare ass to him. “Okay, I’m ready.” I breathe so low that I wonder if he even heard me.
“You sound a little shaky, so if this becomes too much, just tell me to stop and we will stop.” He pulls his mobile table of paints over studying my back side carefully. “I warmed my hands, but it is kind of cold in here so let me know if it gets uncomfortable and I will warm them up again.” His fingers gently move down my spine and then feather out to the sides, tracing in and out of the edges of my back, almost massaging me to a peaceful presence. My new calm helps me raise up; he moves his hand over my shoulder and down my arms to my hands kissing my palms before painting butterflies within each of them. My breasts exposed to him now, he intricately paints details around them before spending time on my nipples with a heated breath to warm my fully erect tips. He doesn't say a word he simply moves slowly from one part of my body to the next. Down my stomach and back around to my ass. I stand up on the floor and lean over the desk while he uses his full hand to cover my skin with one color and then details additional colors with his individual fingers. Moving down, I spread my legs a little wider as he moves down to the back of my thighs and causes a tickle up my body as he blows the paint dry to my skin. Once I’m dry, I sit back up on the desk and he looks me over and without a word said I know what he wants me to do. I slowly spread my legs wide and he moves in painting intricate designs around my pussy with the tips of his fingers, his gentle breath blowing against my clit as he tries to dry the paint. He is so close that when his tongue reaches out to lick his lips I get excited and he knows it. “Relax.”
“It’s a little difficult right now.”
“I can’t have you coming all over my artwork … until it dries.” He blows again, moving around as he circles paint along one side of my pussy lip and then pushing it aside to blow on it. And then moving to the other to swirl a new color along its edges. He pulls out a bowl of flower petals and picks just one, before he licks my clit wet and presses a single petal to it. “Now let’s take some pictures.” He says maneuvering my body into positions to show off his artwork fully. His camera is not shy, it admires every part of me and all it’s intimate detail.
“And what about you?” I ask glancing up from my powerful position on top of the desk.
Trey smiles setting his camera down and removing his pants and pulling out his erection with both hands, before dropping his underwear to the floor. He pulls his paints over to me and stands in front of me raising his arms above his head and nearing my lips with his, “Paint only what you feel, and it will be perfect.” A kiss to my lips and his hypnotizing eyes draw me in. I start slow along his chest and begin to giggle some as I start enjoy myself. I feel his ass fully with a single color and carefully touch his balls with a light color. Leaving his cock to last I get down and eye it’s greatness and reach out for the bowl of petals. I look up at him as he laughs. I lick up his cock and back down again and then take him fully into my mouth wetting the firm erection to a swollen perfection. I love sucking it, touching it and don’t hesitate taking a taste of the sweetness dripping from it. I stand up biting my lip, “I think it’s time for pictures now.”
Taking my hand he leads me to another area, and sets up some cameras, around us. Nothing but pillows on the floor and he takes hold of my hair and pulls my lips to his caressing my tongue deeply with his. He fondles breasts and leans into me to position my body back for the camera. His hand moves down between my legs and he plays with my clit and then pushes his finger deep inside me. I gasp as he fingers me until I collapse against his chest. He pulls me down into the floor and spreads my legs out in front of him, but I push back. I push him onto his back, taking hold of his cock and wrapping my lips around it while sitting down on his face. He takes hold of my thighs and pushes them out around his head and forcing his tongue inside me. The more he groans the more determined he becomes to enjoy my pussy fully. A slide of his hand over my ass and he pushes a fingers inside. I scream out coming all over his face. I am too weak to try and finish him off and he knows it. He moves me off and on to my stomach with a pillow up under my hips. His dick presses against my ass and then pushes in. I push my ass out more to him as he take hold of my hips, holding my body still for his swaying hips to push his cock deep inside of my ass and swell to its capacity before coming with an explosion. He pulls out with his dick still draining of cum. Gasping for breath he kisses the back of my neck and wraps his arms warmly around me, “That was amazing.” He says and I suddenly remember he’s Tyler’s roommate – fuck.
“Trey, Tyler and I have been …”
“Fucking? I know. He told me, he also told me to treat you right and respectful or he would kick my ass, and I can see why he would feel so protective about you.” Trey holds me, kissing me along my neck and my shoulders. Before I go he helps me clean up, but he looks at me strangely as I kiss him goodbye. “What’s wrong?”
“I don’t like you leaving by yourself this late.”
“It’s alright I parked close.”
“No, I don’t like it. Let me take you home.” He says taking my keys from me, locking up his studio and escorting me home. He has no way to get back so I tell him he can stay, but he surprises me and makes a bed on the sofa for himself.
“You can sleep with me you know?” He smiles and follows me into bed. I fall asleep within his arms feeling safe and cared for, wonderful even, but still, I miss Tyler.

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  1. Okay Wow just wow. That was totally unexpected. Hmmm wonder how Tyler will feel about this, or maybe they'll share. And then there's Michael. Wonder what he's up to


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