Confessions - Monday 5/12/14

Monday 5/12/14

Dear Diary,
My name is Illana Kane, I have been in advertising for ten years. My job has been my primary concern since I started, and now I have an opportunity to prove myself and become a partner in the firm. My competition, Kim Paul, has done everything she can to sabotage my rise to the top. I hate that bitch. When she isn’t trying to stab me in the back she is kissing every ass she can to get her own corner office. She chit-chats and shops on the internet more than she works. If she didn't have Harris, the best intern anyone could ever ask for she would have fallen on her ass already. Harris is a dream, he does it all for her and with no questions asked. He simply expects that she will return the favor when a position becomes available at the firm – poor naïve dumbass. I have been begging for my own Harris for a while now, or anyone that can at least help me keep things in order. I am working day and night with all the new clients I have brought in, and I could use at least five people, but I will settle for one. Today, they sent me one, the perfect one.

We were in our weekly team meeting, nothing out of the ordinary when Kiera, our bubbly receptionist walked in and interrupted my boss, Baxter Monroe. “Uh-um, Mr. Monroe?”

“Yes, Kiera.” He said looking over the edge of his reading glasses with a sharp sigh.

“I am sorry to bother you, but our new employee has come in a day early to fill out paperwork and I thought you might like to take this opportunity to introduce him to the rest of the group.” Kiera sings with her usual high pitched excitement. As if the sound of her voice wasn’t bad enough she begins clapping like an overenthusiastic cheerleader with a dildo up her ass. Mondays. Mr. Monroe cringes and motions for her to move on with it. She steps out, coming back and stepping to the side to allow him to come through, “Everyone, this is Tyler Preston our new intern.” She said a bunch of dumbass shit after that, but all I could think about was how he moved; confidently nodding in each person’s direction as they were being introduced to him. I waited my turn trying to remember to smile casually and not look like the idiot who hasn’t been laid in months. “And this is Illana …” She says and for some reason I stand up. Why the fuck did I stand up?!  All you had to do was nod! Nod! Just fucking nod like everyone else! Well now I am up, I guess I will shake his hand. I hold out my hand and he steps forward and smiles with a quick glance over my body. “You will be working with Illana, Tyler.” He what?

“Sounds perfect.” Tyler says looking me over once again with a gaze that causes my clit to twitch.

“Tyler is earning his master’s degree and is also …” Kiera leans forward, bringing her shoulders up to her ears with a wide smile, “And he is also the captain of the swim team.” She giggles.

“I was the captain, my four years of eligibility ended so now I am simply Tyler, who happens to also know how to swim, but if anyone needs swimming lessons I am available after hours for some extra cash. Any help I can get paying off those student loans.” He laughs, but every woman in the room and Jake, take in a deep breath with a long drawn out sigh.

From that moment on, I debated refusing the help, and offering him up to Kim. How the hell can I get anything done with him around?

Tuesday 5/13/14

It took me three hours to decide what to wear today. I haven’t had that much trouble deciding on what to wear since I was sixteen and I had a crush on Kyle Prince. I am in no earlier than usual, but I can’t seem to get anything done while I sit and fidget with my skirt; buttoning an unbuttoning my blouse over and over again. Do I go very sophisticated and keep it buttoned all the way up or do I show him a little cleavage and let him know I’m not scared to show him that I am all woman?

“Good morning Ms. Kane, how are you today?” He says walking into my office and doing me a favor by picking up a pen that happened to roll off my desk. I casually release an extra button on my blouse and savor the moment in front of me.

“Thank you.” I say as he hands me the pen. “I think we are going to start today by going over the schedule and the client list. I want to make sure you understand the work load in front of us.”

“I promise you I am willing to work day and night and still provide you breakfast in the morning, if that’s what you need me to do.”

“I am counting on it.” I show him to my work area and make sure to look back to see if he notices my panty–line free ass and smile proudly when he does. I shouldn't be wanting his attention, he is surely too young for me. Hell I am sure he has a girlfriend of some kind, a fiancé perhaps even. “So Tyler, with the late hours you are going to be working, that’s not going to be a problem with your social life is it?”

“No, not at all, I am dedicated to learning from you.”

“No friends calling and begging you for a party night at the local bar or a girlfriend crying because you haven’t been paying enough attention to her?” I ask admiring his crystal blue eyes.

He laughs, “No, my last girlfriend and I broke up when she decided she had to get married now or never. She wanted to have kids and buy a house and move to the suburbs. I knew it was over when I suddenly felt like the room was closing in on me.”

“Not ready for the family life, huh?”

“No, and you? You don’t have someone to rush home to every night?”

“No, I’m single.”

“That’s surprising. I hope this doesn't cross a line but … well I would think men would be running from everywhere to put a ring on your finger.”

“They have to catch me first.” I say enjoying his laugh. “And how long do you plan to intern here Tyler?”

“For the summer only. I want to work a full course load next semester and finish up as soon as I can so I can get out in the workforce and show what I can do.”

“Then let’s get started, I have a lot to teach you before the summer is over.”

“I can’t wait.” Oh, neither can I.

Wednesday 5/14/14

This morning I was called into Mr. Monroe’s office and find Kim sitting proudly in front of his desk waiting for me. “Come on in Illana.” Mr. Monroe says waving me in as I shut the door. “Please have a seat. We have some new details to discuss with you.” I sit warily as Kim smiles wide at me and wiggles in her seat with excitement. “The Mirren account, apparently Kim here, happen to run into George and Nancy last night at dinner and made a great impression on them. They would like for her to take the lead and as much as I believe in you, I am not about to go against a client’s wishes.”

“Shouldn't I be allowed to talk to them first, something obviously has been said to them that they misunderstood. I have not done anything that could possibly disappoint them, I have only just begun to work the account.”

“I understand and I respect your work, so please feel free to continue to work on your ideas in your spare time. Make sure you pass them by Kim first, of course, and if she feels they will work, I am sure she will be happy to share them with the Mirren’s.” I eye the vile evil whore and know there is no way she will ever accept my ideas without taking credit for them. “That’s all, you both may go.”

I walk back into my office and slam the door behind me cursing, when Tyler walks in behind me. “What happened?”

“That bitch stole my clients, the Mirren project we worked all night on. And before I had a chance to prove what I could do!”

“Is there anything we can do? We have done so much already, can we not show them where we are and change their minds?”

“We can still show them our work, but we have to go through Kim first.”

Tyler sighs with his hands on his hips, “She doesn't seem like the type that would be willing to share our great work without taking complete credit for it.” I shake my head. “So what do we do now?”

“We need to wait until she fails. That bitch can do a lot of talking, but working is not exactly her strong point. The only problem is, Harris, he will provide a flawless campaign for her.”

“That guy is a doormat, he was the one to show me around my first day. He thinks he is going to take her job when she makes partner.” Tyler says.

I cringe sitting down in my chair trying to decide how to proceed. I want to quit, I want to tell them to stop being so foolish and listening to an idiot ass-kisser and give me the full respect I deserve, but that gets me nowhere. I have to believe she will get hers one day, I have no other choice. “I guess we now have one less client to worry about, so let’s be happy about that for now.”

Tyler walks over and places his hand on mine, “I’m sorry, it can be easy to just take something like that and act like it doesn't bother you?”

“It’s what you have to do, to keep going, everyone has to put up with bullshit at work. I’m not different.” I say standing up and not realizing how close he actually was to my chair. Catching my balance with my hands against his taut chest, I look down over him and up into his eyes and breathe as I realize he caught me with both of his hands. He holds onto my waist and I feel his fingers slide up against my side, grazing the side of my breast before he pulls away.

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you with whatever you need me to.” Tyler says with an easy smile and a quick glance over my now fully protruding nipples.

Thursday 5/15/14

Tyler and I dive in deep to our work, closing the doors and hiding out from the world. I am determined to do my best work yet, but it’s difficult to ignore the admiring eyes that seem to always be looking my way. Our shoes come off, as we make a space in the floor to spread out. His tie comes off and unbuttons a couple of buttons on his dress shirt relaxing a little more. Concentrate Illana. I try to focus but my mind wanders when he adjusts himself to a better position. I imagine my hand taking hold of him and rubbing his cock right out of his pants and into my mouth. I can make out the full extension of his manhood as it hides underneath his form fitted pants. I try to get a hold of myself and look up to find him admiring my cleavage and the soft edge of my breast. I have never been like this before, wanting someone so bad that I can’t concentrate on my work. Maybe it’s the frustration of being overlooked and dismissed, time and time again, or maybe it’s just that I am sick of following the rules and getting nowhere by doing so. It’s about time I start breaking some rules and enjoying my life a little. I crawl onto my hands and knees in his direction and grab a file allowing my shirt to drop open; giving him the full view of my see-through lacy bra. The complete ampleness of my breasts are on display for him and with my pink nipples fighting to poke through the lace. I glance up at Tyler and watch as he licks his lips and takes hold of his dick to try and calm it back down. I feel good about myself as I sit back in my place.

“Do you get what you wanted?” Tyler asks me suddenly. I look up at him in shock. “The file. Did you get the file you wanted, because it would seem you actually need this one.” He says holding up another file. Fighting my smile I crawl back towards him with us both knowing the view he’s getting. I pause feeling his eyes on me, looking me over closely as if he is trying to memorize every detail.

“Can I have it now?” I ask as he looks up at me. “The file I mean.” I say biting my bottom lip.

“You can have whatever you want, Illana.”

Friday 5/16/14

Despite the intense fire between us yesterday, Tyler and I did manage to get some work done, and now we have to prepare for our presentation on Monday. I sent him out to get lunch to give me some time to review all of our work without distractions. There is only a few things I need to make it perfect. After waiting longer than I am willing to for Tyler to get back and get them for me, I go to the supply room to search for them myself. I pass the lobby where I take notice of Tyler carrying our lunch and talking with Harris. They laugh and seem to be having a great conversation about something. Tyler converses with Harris with dramatic detail and I begin to imagine what all he could be telling him. When he notices me staring he excuses himself and walks immediately towards me.

“Do you need me?” He asks.

“No, go eat your lunch. I can get it myself.” I walk away from him steaming. I can’t believe him. He is so stupid. Talking to Harris about who knows what and risking every other client I have to Kim. Oh shit! What if he told him about looking down my shirt? I will be laughed right out of a job. I can’t believe I could be so stupid! I maneuver my way through the large supply room until I find the materials I need. The shelf is a little too high for me, but I can find nothing to stand on to give me a boost up so I continue to stretch, just barely touching what I need with my fingertips.

“Let me help you.” Tyler says pushing into my back and reaching over me. “Is this what you want?” He asks, moving his hips against my ass and allowing me to feel his rapidly hardening cock rising. He leans against the side of my face, “Is it? Is this what you want?”

“Yes. Please.” I say with a heavy breath. He puts one foot in between mine and I move my other out to the side allowing him to move in between my legs. He takes hold of my waist, pushing into me until I lean over against the shelving forcing my ass into his outstretched cock. My skirt inches up my legs, but not enough, I feel along the edges of the bottom and pull up. He breathes out against my neck while rubbing the side of my hip with his hand before releasing me. I hear his pants being unzipped. The pressure of it becomes more prominent and squeezes in between my legs. His cock is freed and looking for a place to throb. Do I do this? Do I allow him to fuck me right here, with who knows who could walk in on us?

Tyler rises up over me and grabs what I need, “Do you want this hardboard or something harder?”  My skirt rises to my waist and I finger my panties down some as he watches with a desiring breath. His hand slips down to my pussy; he rubs his finger in between the folds teasing my clit. “Don’t worry I lock the door. Pull your panties down for me and bend over. I’ll take care of the rest.” Grasping his hand between my legs I fist my panties and begin to drag them down when …

“Hey this door is locked. Who the hell locked the door?!” Daniel yells out impatiently, while jiggling the door over and over as if that will make it suddenly unlock itself. I look back at Tyler and we both quickly get our clothes back in order.

He rushes to the door, “Oh I’m sorry I didn't realize it locked. I must have bumped into it while juggling all this stuff she had me hold for her.” Tyler says holding my board and some other things he grabbed on his way to the door.  

We both make our way back to my office and for some reason never discuss what happened. I hope to get a better chance to talk to him after everyone leaves, but when he starts packing up for the day I get angry. “Where are you going?”

“I made plans with some friends. Actually I invited Harris to go hang out with me and some other guy friends.”

“Oh, you and Harris are great friends now, huh?” I ask getting angrier by the second. Tyler laughs. “Is this funny? Hanging out with the enemy is funny to you? What are you spying for them now? Are you trying to get me fired? I will …” I hold up my hand to threaten him but he steps to me, taking my hand and rubbing it gently.

“Calm down, I understand why you might be angry, but my motives are only to help you. I have no intention of giving away any secrets of yours or mine. I only want to help Harris a little bit; open his eyes to the possibilities that await him.” He smiles and my knees suddenly go weak. I fall into him and his lips become wet before meeting mine. The sweet taste of his mouth, the squeeze of my ass by his hand and then the easy swipe of his tongue along my bottom lip before he smiles again and walks away, “I’ll see you Monday Illana, unless you need me before then. I left my number on your desk, feel free to call me anytime. I am your most dedicated intern, day or night.” He winks at me and leaves me still trying to recover from the tingling numbness rushing through me. 

More to come next week ...


  1. Sweet baby Jesus loving this .. Tyler is sexy take charge kinda of man candy :-)


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