Confessions - Saturday 5/24/14 - The ex returns.

Saturday 5/24/14

Dear Diary,
I did something foolish, I followed him to her house. I couldn't help myself, I had to know. I had to see if he was going there to be with her, if he was using me to get to what he really wants. I hate feeling insecure, but I guess I have done it to myself, being with someone without really knowing them. Tyler is dressed to meet clients, but the lack of cars anywhere seems to signal that he is the only guest for the night. When the door opens Kim answers in her underwear and a blushing smile as if she had no idea he would be coming. I know I should go, but I have to know … I have to know who he really is. They talk for a time, but he doesn't go in. He shakes his head and looks around everywhere, but at her. She looks shocked, but it doesn't discourage her any, she grabs his tie and drags him inside. The door closes and my body tenses while I scream at myself to speed out of there and hit the first liquor store on the way. Shaking my head I put my car into gear and then see Tyler walk out the front door and straight to his car. He slides his jacket off and throws it inside his car before looking around and seeming to notice me sitting in my car. I take off and go straight home, diving into my sofa with a rapid heartbeat. I feel happy and relieved until there is a knock at my door.
I walk over and look out the peephole and see Tyler outside with a scowl on his face. “Let me in Illana.” He yells through the door.
I ease the door open, “What are you doing here?”
Leaning on the door-frame he looks me over with wild eyes, “You’re checking up on me?”
“I was worried about you …”
“No you weren't, you were worried about what I would do. You are so jealous.”
“No, I’m not at all, go fuck her if you want.”
Tyler walks in and slams the door shut behind him. “You want me all to yourself?” He asks backing me up against the wall. “Huh – is that you want?” He grabs my thigh and lifts my leg up and around his waist. Looking in his eyes I gulp unsure why I want him so bad, and then he rubs his bulging crotch against me. Teasing me with his lips and encouraging me with his hands, he whispers, “Prove to me that you have the guts to take what you want.” I shake my head in defiance. “I guess I know now why Kim continuously takes advantage of you. She doesn't hesitate to take what she wants.” Tyler huffs turning around and grabbing for the door.
“Wait!” I yell stopping him. I take hold of his face with both hands and kiss him.
“That’s better, what else you got?” He asks.
I step backwards one foot at a time, eyeing him down and stripping one piece of clothing off at a time until I am completely nude, “Come here Tyler, I want to fuck you hard.” With a wide smile he undoes his tie and tosses it, unbuttons the buttons on his shirts and lets it slide off his muscular arms behind him. He pulls his belt out and down goes his zipper … I have to bite my lip as his cock jumps out, full and strong. Tyler sits down in a chair and spreads his legs waving me over. Standing over him he leans in and licks my pussy with humming satisfaction. A kiss on his lips and I turn my back to him and sit down on his fully erect cock, wiggling it deep inside of me. At first I move slow, and then I reach down playing with my own clit and get too excited and have to move faster, with more pressure on that pleasure point inside. I look up and notice the mirror directly in front of me and Tyler’s fully entertained smile.
“Don’t stop. I like watching your tits bounce and you playing with yourself. The only thing better is being able to see your pussy stretched around my cock.” I lean back onto his chest and he takes hold of my legs and spreads me wider before lifting me up and down and up and … oh all the while enjoying watching my tits bounce and the cum dripping down between us. 

Tyler stayed the night, we never bothered to get dressed, we showered together, ate together and then worked out all day again and again together.

Monday 5/26/14

Tyler left me yesterday afternoon, he threatened to leave many times and go to Kim’s, but I always chased after him and inspired him to stay a little longer. After he did leave, I wandered the rest of the day around my house naked, not just because I could, but because I was hoping he would come back. He is an easy habit to get used to. The moment he walks into the office I have to fight my smile as he does the same, “Are you ready for our Monday meeting?” I ask him.
“Yes, Ma’am.” He beams as I walk by him and lead him into the conference room. 
The meeting is long and boring as always, but at least I have Tyler to pass notes to and exchange smiles with. I feel like a teenager with a crush. I have never enjoyed work more. Once the meeting is over we walk out planning our lunch together.
“Tyler?” A woman calls out from behind us.
We turn around and his smile instantly changes to something more humble. “Mia, what are you doing here?”
Fumbling with her fingers she smiles sweetly at him as she approaches us, “After we talked I felt like there was more I needed to say and I was hoping maybe we could have lunch together today? And maybe work things out?” She glances my way.
“Oh, um, Mia this is Illana, my … boss.” He says introducing me awkwardly. We nod towards each other.
“It’s nice to meet you. Tyler if you need to make other lunch plans then by all means do so. I will make other arrangements.” I say nodding again before walking away.
“Illana wait!” Tyler calls out to me. I stop tensing as he runs up to me, “We have lunch plans and I want to do that, but if you can just give me a few minutes to talk to my … her then I would appreciate it. She is was upset last night and needed someone to talk to so she called me and …”
“She’s your ex-girlfriend?”
“Yeah, she is, and even though it’s over I still care about her.” Tyler says taking hold of my hand. I have to quickly pull away to remind him where we are. “I’m sorry, but I don’t want you to be upset or think there is anything going on between she and I anymore.” His sincere eyes cause me to melt.
“Go take care of what you need to, I’ll wait for you.” He nods with a smile and rushes back over to her. She glances my way many times throughout their conversation and towards the end, she glares at me as if she knows. Her hurt-filled expression makes me feel guilty. I look away just like the other woman would.
“She’s cute, I bet they will be married with three kids and a golden retriever in no time.” Kim says with an obnoxious smile.
“Don’t you have somewhere to be, someone else to annoy?” I ask her.
“No, not really, do you want to go to lunch since you seem to be without a date now?”
Before I can respond Tyler comes rushing back, “Okay, are you ready to go?” He glances Kim’s way and I smile wide at her snarling face.

Tuesday 5/27/14

It was fun last night working with Tyler until late into the night. A glass of wine and a touch and before I knew it, we were motivated all over again. Surprisingly, we actually got a lot done and sleep last night was easy and deep. This Tuesday morning is tough to begin, I seriously considered calling in sick and staying in bed with Tyler all day. We are a couple of weeks ahead of schedule a day off would make no difference to work at all. The only reason I don’t, is because I’m afraid I would never go back to work. Tyler and I casually go into work separately, trying not to look happy or sexually satisfied. I walk into my office first and open the door to find my entire office destroyed, every presentation board shredded, paperwork missing. I go to my computer and quickly try to delete the flashing message of, "Whore.”
Tyler walks in behind me, “What the hell happened here?” He asks noticing the flashing message. Scooting me and my shaking hands to the side he helps delete the message. “They invaded your computer, you must have left it on last night.” Shaking his head, “Everything is gone, every file is empty. It’s even all deleted from the backup server. Who would did this?”
Still in shock, “I don’t know.” I get down on my hands and knees and start to pick up the mess, “I don’t know what to do now. Months’ worth of work completely gone and with meeting dates already set with uncompromising clients, I am doomed.”
Tyler rushes to my side putting his hand on mine. “We’ll figure it out, we will get it all worked out. I promise.”
All I want to do is crawl into a corner and cry. I can’t even think clearly enough to figure out where to begin, how to start over.

Wednesday 5/28/14

After a long night of frustration and arguing; Tyler and I are back at work barely able to look at each other. There is no way we can reproduce what we need in time, even if we work day and night. “You need to snap out of it!” Tyler asserts.
“Why, what is the point in trying to do this? There is no way to get it all done and done right. I’m going to be fired. Years of hard work and all for nothing.”
“You’re giving up?! What is wrong with you, fight, demand perfection if you wish, but don’t give up. I thought you were strong, I thought you were the woman to be envied by all other women? Not a feeble crying mess.”
“Well I’m sorry Tyler but it has been a pretty shitty ass week!”
“Okay, so it was a horrible thing to happen, cry about it for a minute then get up and brush yourself off and start again. Don’t let whoever it is beat you, don’t let them think they are better than you. Fight Illana, fight even if there is no hope of winning. If nothing else at least you can say you gave it all you had and didn't let some jackass get you down. You’re better than that.”
“Am I, how would you know? You don’t know me.”
He rolls his eyes, “Okay, maybe I don’t.” He tosses a file and walks away.
As soon as he walks out Kim walks in, “Rough day?” She pouts.
“What do you want?”
“Nothing much, just wanted to let you know, that Mr. Monroe has assigned Tyler to me to help me get work done. You don’t mind do you? I do have the most important clients to think of, you know?”
“You’re the one that destroyed all my presentations aren't you?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about, but it doesn't make me unhappy to see you struggle. I am going to be sad to see you go though. I mean when you get fired who am I going to screw with every day? Oh well, I am sure I’ll find someone. Good luck.” She smiles deviously before walking away.
“Argh!” I throw my fists into the air. This is not happening. It’s not! I suddenly feel my adrenaline flowing and my body tensing with fire. NO! I turn around and stomp my way to Mr. Monroe’s office and don’t bother knocking before walking in.
“Excuse me, I am busy!” Monroe snaps at me.
“I don’t give a fuck! Sit down and listen to me, I am taking Tyler back and you are going to find me someone else to help me get my presentations back together.”
“Or maybe I will fire you right now!”
“Go ahead, but you know as well as I do that I am the best one here. Kim isn’t going to get it done for you, she’s all talk and an easy lay. She’s only going to get you fired.” His eyes widen. “I know you’re screwing her and your assistant, but you’re not going to screw me. Do you understand me? I will not hesitate to make your life a living hell if you don’t stop making decisions with your dick.” Leaning down over his desk, I make my position clear. “You get on your phone and find someone to help me, and then you make sure Kim understands that Tyler is my assistant and she needs to stay away from him and me. Oh and get a new lock put on my office door before the end of the day.”
“Ms. Kane!” He yells at me before I can walk out of his office.
“Go ahead fire me, but then you will have to deal with me as competition and I don’t think you want that. Have a good day.” I smile walking back to my office with my head held high and preparing myself to clean out my office, but not giving a damn. 

Thursday 5/29/14

My lock on my door has been changed, Tyler is back working with me and smiling all over himself. “Stop looking at me that way.” I laugh.
“I’m sorry I can’t help it. I wish you could have seen Kim’s expression when Mr. Monroe told her I was assigned back to you and she was going to have to figure it out on her own. I thought she was going to cry.”
“I don’t relish in other’s pain, it’s not healthy.” I say still laughing at the image of her. “Now stop gloating and let’s get to work, we have a lot to do if we want to attempt to salvage as many clients as we can. Let’s start with the ones we know we can finish and work our way from there. Hell maybe we will be inspired enough when we finish, to somehow wing the others to perfection.”
“Yes, Ma’am. You know these illustrations and art work? I think I know a way to save us some time.”
“Well speak up, because I am willing to hear anything that will help us out.”
“My roommate Trey, he is an incredible artist. This type of work is a little beneath his talents, but I am sure for some extra cash he would be willing to take a break from his freelance work to help out. He can do amazing things, no offense to your artwork, but I think he can even produce something better than what we had.”
“And you think he will stop everything he is doing to help us for as long as it takes?”
“For the right amount of money, yes.”
“Well I can authorize the expenditures for the artwork, but will he understand what we need?”
“He may need some direction, not much though. I can go down to his workroom whenever needed and guide him.”
“I’ll go down there and give him direction, I want to make sure it is done to my satisfaction. You can keep working on the numbers and the presentation itself, but I do like the idea. We may just get all this done yet.” I smile earning a wider one in return.

Friday 5/30/14

We are working smoothly and as quickly as we can late into the night before we call it a day and leave for some much needed sleep. Tyler and I are deep into work when someone walks into my office.
Tyler quickly stand up defensively. “Can I help you?”
“I was actually meaning to talk to Illana, but thank you for asking.” I stretch around Tyler to see Michael standing in my doorway. “Hello beautiful, bet you never thought you would see me again.”
“Michael what are you doing here?” I stand up and step in front of Tyler.
“Mr. Monroe called and said you needed help, so I packed up and came back into town. I can’t say I enjoy living in a hotel right now, but whatever I need to do to help you, you know I am willing.”
I haven’t seen Michael since he moved away for a better position at our home office. We were equals then and were dating heavily. I thought he was the one, but the moment the opportunity became available he left; only offering me the opportunity to be his stay at home girlfriend or rather his beck and call girl. I turned his offer down, hoping he would change his mind or at least make me a better offer, but instead he left and never looked back. “I am surprised you would lower yourself to a branch office and an assistant position Michael.” I counter.
“I know I acted terribly, but I am here and I am willing to do whatever you need me to. I’ll get you coffee if that’s what you want. You know they actually wanted one of my assistants to come here, but I wanted to come, I wanted to be the one to help you. You deserve the partner position and I want to help you get there. Please Illana, let me help you, let me make up for being a total ass.”
“You were a real ass.” I agree. He nods with a smile. “You know how I like my coffee, and make sure to get some for Tyler too.”
“Sure thing, and what would you like Tyler?”
“I can get my own coffee, thank you.” Tyler says sharply. Michael leaves laughing and I turn to Tyler whose anger is written all over his face. “So you used to fuck him?”
“I used to date him, I was planning to marry him at one time, but things changed.”
“So why is he back here?”
“I don’t know, to help I guess.”
“Oh I am sure he is. I think you should tell him to go back and let us handle it, we don’t need him.”
“I think we need all the help we can get. I need all the help we can get.”
“I don’t like it.”
“Well get over it, because he is staying until we finish.”
“Oh really? Is he going to help make the presentations with you too?”
“Calm down. No he isn’t, he is going to help and then you and I will make the presentations, I promise.” I look him in the eyes feeling only somewhat guilty for enjoying his sudden jealousy.
The day is a little awkward with both men eyeing me and then scowling at each other. “It’s lunch time, maybe Michael would like to go get us lunch?” Tyler suggests.
“Sure son, I would hate for you to miss your lunchtime.”
“Michael, you said you were willing to help out anyway you can. Right now Tyler knows these presentations better than you so I need him here as much as possible.”
“Fine, what do you want?”
We give him our orders, only I think Tyler enjoys making it a complicated and lengthy order. Once Michael leaves I turn to Tyler to say something to him, but instead he jumps up and locks my door and pulls the blinds. “What are you doing?”
He approaches and helps me up, turning me around and wrapping his arms around me. “I want you right now.” The bulge in his pants is so prominent I gasp when I feel it pushing into my ass. His hands grope my breasts until they are freed. For a second I look out the building windows wondering who could be watching, but then I lean over my desk. My dress is pushed up and my panties are pulled off completely. The moment he enters me, I grip the edges of my desk and hold on. I love the way his cock feels inside of me, the way it commands my attention and finds my spot and rubs itself over it again and again until I have no control over my own body and I come all over him and feel it drain down my legs. The pleasure he has feeling me come is obvious in the way he seeks his own pleasure filled orgasm.
When Michael gets back I still don’t have my panties on and Tyler makes sure to remind me whenever he gets the chance. Casually sitting next to each other at a meeting table he pushes his hand in between my legs. He gently rubs his finger against the folds of my pussy and just barely grazing my clit. I gasp and Michael looks up at me.
“Are you okay?”
“Yes, I just remembered something is all.”
“Are you sure, you look a little flushed?”
“My sugar level might be a little low.” I say widening my legs as Tyler continues to play.
“Oh, well it is late, let me go get some dinner for you then.” Michael smiles, getting up to grab his coat.
“That would be great thank you.” I say breathless.
Michael walks out and Tyler only waits a second before sticking his finger into his mouth and sucking the taste of me off of it. “What are you doing?”
“Trying to distress you. Plus I’m hungry and I want to eat your pussy.” He pushes my chair out from under the table, gets down on his knees in front of me and pushes my legs up over the arms of my chair. I scoot closer to the edge of the seat with my pussy fully exposed to him. He takes a single taste of me with his tongue and then dives in fully swirling his tongue in and out, kissing and sucking on my pussy lips then spreading them with his fingers to take in my clit. I fist the back of his head and hold him there, as his finger dives into me and then another into my ass. I can barely stay in the chair as I watch the wide open door for anyone that might walk in. The sweat dripping down between my breasts begin to cause my dress to stick to me. I quickly unbutton the front and free my breasts; holding them myself and fingering my fully erect nipples as my legs begin to shake and my cum is licked off my skin. Tyler sits up kissing my breasts and then kisses my lips with a touch of my tongue with his. “I didn't know you like it in the ass too. I will have to remember that, but for now your pussy is just right for my cock.” He picks me up off the chair and sets me on the table, pushing me to my back as he fucks me with determination in his eyes. My tits bounce freely as I try to hold on to the table and hope no one comes in and sees us. When he finishes he helps me up and gives me a lighter, sweeter kiss, “I don’t know about you, but that’s what I needed. It is so hard sitting here next to you and pretending I don’t want you. I need to feel you once in a while. I can’t concentrate until I do. You understand don’t you?” I nod with a smile. “Good.”
“How did you know Michael would leave?”
“I knew you would find a way if I encouraged you a little bit.”
“You encouraged just perfectly. “ I bite my bottom lip trying to get my weak arms to dress myself back to the way I was. “Feel free to encourage me whenever you need to.”

“Oh I will.” Tyler winks. 

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