Confessions - The End

Monday 6/9/14

Dear Diary,
My day at work was long, Michael was more annoying than usual. I don’t remember him ever being this annoying when we were dating, it must be the new girlfriend turning him into a whiny little bitch. By the time I get home, Trey is waiting at my door with an array of handmade flowers he strewn together with some sort of origami. He is incredibly sweet, but I am not fooled, I know he didn't come here to offer a sweet display of flowers and then leave. I let him in and he entertains me with some interesting sketches while I make dinner for the both of us. Apparently he doesn't cook like Tyler, he does however, know how to fix things. He spent the weekend prior repairing things around my house, some I didn't even know were broken. We talked while he worked, sharing stories about our lives, our dreams, hopes and greatest failures. I watched him from the comfort of my pillows and warm blanket sharing a smile with him whenever the moment felt right.
How is it a single person can make you feel so good in some aspects, but then lack what makes them perfect for you? I have desired Tyler since I met him, enjoyed our every moment together, he makes feel strong and beautiful. Yes he gave me the confidence I needed to go beyond who I was, but yet I can’t confide in him. I don’t feel comfortable enough to tell him all my fears and know he will understand and comfort me without judgment. He doesn't believe in weakness, with him you identify the problem and you fix it and move on.
“You see you can open it up this way.” Trey explains as he shows me one of the flowers he made. He unfolds the flower and centered inside is a picture of me.
“Oh wow, that is amazing. Did you do that from memory?” I ask.
“Yes, but don’t be too impressed, it was only yesterday that you indulged me this moment.”
“I didn't do anything you’re the one that talked me into acting like a child.”
“Not a child, free, I talked you into letting go of your responsibilities for a little while and remembering how to have fun.”
“By letting you spin me around on the merry go round at the park?” I laugh with him.
“No, by laughing until you didn't care how silly you might look.”     
“Oh so now I looked silly?”
“No, you looked beautiful, you always look beautiful when you’re happy.” He says leaning in for a kiss. I exhale deep into his arms, wondering how to choose, who to choose or rather who will I give up when Tyler gets back? I can’t possibly have them both in my home at the same time. How would that work? Tyler would cook for me while Trey repairs things around the house and then we can all eat together before settling down for the night cuddling just the three of us before we … oh wow. Sex. Sex with them both? My head instantly begins spinning before I can even consider the possibilities. Stretching out flat on my bed, free and naked, Trey takes out a paint brush and touches it to thick color of paint before laying the soft bristles against my skin. Down my abdomen and around my belly button he creates and an amusing image from my childhood. I laugh and he dips his brush again and dabs my nipples sweetly before licking the edible paint right back off.
“You didn't like that color?”
“I don’t know let me try again.” He dabs the same color right back on each nipple and follows with another swirl of his tongue. “Yeah, that color is perfect, but I am done painting.” Tossing the paints he lifts me up on him and fucks mid-air, supporting my body while he gives me everything he has.
I am not sure what time it is, but the knocking on my door has got to be a mistake. I crawl out from Trey’s arm and slide a robe on to go answer it, but Trey jumps up and shakes his head. “Where are you going?”
“To answer the door Trey.”
“This late? There is no telling who it is. Let me check, you stay here.”
“I can check my own door.” I rush around him and look outside to see a woman tapping her foot as she waits for the door to open. Opening it I nearly fall over in shock. “Kate? What are you doing here?”
She shoves me out of the way and barges into my house, “Just shut up, I know he is here. It’s not even 10:30 and you’re already in bed? Please! Where is he?”
“Where is who?”
She rolls her eyes and heads straight for my bedroom and opens the door to find Trey stretched out naked in my bed. “OH! I’m sorry.” She screams out, but she doesn’t walk away or stop staring at him.
“Can I help you with something?” He asks not bothering to shy away from her gaze.
I grab the back of her shirt and pull her away and push her right back out the door. “Excuse me this is my house and I don’t appreciate you barging in and staring at my guests. If you have a problem with your boyfriend then I suggest you work it out with him and leave me out of it. Now get the fuck off my front porch!” I slam the door in her face and go back to bed, crawling on top of the perfectly warm body waiting for me.

Tuesday 6/10/14

Michael looks nervous as I walk into the office, he immediately starts following me around trying to talk to me, but not saying a word. “Spit it out Michael!”
“Okay so you’re mad. I didn't know she was coming here and I certainly didn't think she would come here looking for me. You have obviously already seen that she is working at Monroe’s desk, but I promise she won’t cause any problems.”
“She’s what?!” I start to rush out to check and he stops me.
“You hadn't seen her yet?”
“Yes, last night she came to my house and barged in looking for you. I didn't appreciate seeing her at my house and I don’t want her here at my office. Now send her home.” I say and begins fidgeting nervously.
 “I can’t.” He shrugs.
“Because she is kind of one of the founding partner’s daughter. She can come and go around here as she pleases. She fired Monroe and is taking over this office. She really hates you.” He whispers as if no one would be able to guess that easily.
“Good morning Illana, all rested up after your late night with some young man that I can only assume you paid to come over and service you.” Kate says as Kim laughs behind her. “Kim here says you have a hot intern working for you too, you sure do everything you can to take your mind off of my man.”
Michael quickly walks her out of my office, while Kim stays behind smiling all over herself. “You really do make some incredible enemies don’t you? Kate Nelson, you are trying to steal George Nelson’s future son in law. Are you trying to get fired?”
“Leave me alone before you catch some of my bad luck.” I threaten until she looks nervous and runs away.

A long day of dealing with Kate’s over enthusiastic appreciation for the business and her desires to take over the office nearly sent me over the edge a few times. Daddy’s little girl is making some changes to my office and all in the name of “spoiled rotten brat”.  By the time I get home, I crash into the nearest seat and wish to stay there until morning.

Wednesday 6/11/14

Tyler is sitting in my chair when I walk in this morning, and not looking at all happy. “How was your trip?”
“My trip was wonderful and can I ask who the bitch sitting at Monroe’s desk is? You know the one that insists on ordering me to go get her dry cleaning and take her purse-dog to the groomers?”
“Um, well she is one of the founding partner’s daughters and she also happens to be Michael’s girlfriend, fiancé, I don’t know, something like that. Either way she is determine to make my life miserable. Can we just concentrate on getting these presentations done? Anything so we don’t have to be here.” He nods as Trey shows up to drop off the artwork.
They nod at each other with seemingly no tension, even enjoying some innocent exchange of stories about each other’s time while they have been apart. Trey obviously leaving out stories about his time with me. I don’t know why I am so worried about it now, it didn't bother me while I was screwing him. I breathe a sigh of relief for now and get the men to help me gather things together before getting ready to leave for our first presentation.
“Oh are you leaving now?” Kate says in her annoying little chirpy voice. “Well hello Mr. Handsome, nice to see you again. What are you doing here?”
“Trey is my roommate he helped us with the artwork for the presentations.”
“Your roommate and he works for us?” She says with a sheepish smile as she glances my way. “You are screwing one of our contract workers?” She announces to everyone including Michael who walks into the room with wide eyes.
Tyler looks over at me as Trey looks away. “Thank you Kate for your obvious interest in my life, now will that be all or do you need to bury your nose into my business any further?” I ask with a groan.
“You better watch how you talk to me, I can have you fired.” She threatens with a point of her finger in my face.
She walks out and before I can say a word, “Let’s just get everything loaded and get through this week please.” Tyler remarks without a look in anyone’s direction.
I guess our open relationship wasn't as open as he said.
The presentation went well, better than expected even. Tyler was perfect but he didn't say a word to me directly the whole rest of the day. I need to consider my future career but I am unable to think about anything other than Tyler and Trey. It’s the end of the day and I am sitting in my quiet house wondering who will be showing up at my door or if anyone will show. Tyler surely hates me and Trey would give me up in a heartbeat for his best friend if he needs to. My life seems to be crumbling around me. When someone finally knocks on my door, I rush to open it not caring which one of them it might be, but instead of Trey or Tyler, it’s Michael. “Oh no what do you want?”
“I can’t believe you would sleep with that … that child.”
“He’s not a child he’s …”
“He’s a lot younger than you.”
“Not a lot!”
“Enough that you should know better than to get involved with him. I mean what could he possibly provide for you? He’s barely out of college at best, he can’t possibly have a secure living. What are you going to do marry him and have kids with a man that is not much past being a kid himself?”
“What is with you and this family life that you so desperately want to push on me?!” I yell at him.
 “I think you deserve more than just a cheap fuck now and again.” Michael suggests as if he treated me much better than that.
“Oh trust me I get more than a fuck now and again, Michael.”
“That’s disgusting Illana, and with your assistants roommate.” Folding my arms I shake my head refusing to discuss it much further with him. “Oh you have nothing to say to me? I thought you were sleeping with your assistant, but you are too smart for that at least. I don’t care what you say, you are too old to be acting like this; you must have lost your damn mind. Grow up and settle down Illana and act like a normal adult.”
“A normal adult? What is that? I can only be normal if I settle down with one boring man and pop out a few kids with a dog and a cat and a minivan? Well fuck you. I don’t want that I want to be happy and live, and have no regrets. I want to be with who I want to be with, when I want to be with them. If they make me happy then I want to spend time with them and he … they, make me feel like a beautiful confident woman. And better yet, they make me feel valuable and loved in what may be considered odd, but I consider it wonderful.”
“They?!” Michael shouts.
“Yes they! I am fucking them both and loving every second I spend with each of them. Trey makes me feel beautiful, Tyler gives me confidence to be better than I am and they both make me feel better about myself, they make me feel like a whole woman. Together they are the perfect man and individually they are way better than you will ever be” I say proudly as the asshole looks at me in horror.
“I was so wrong about you, you are clearly nothing, but a cheap disgusting whore.” He says turning around to a punch in the face. He stumbles to his side and gets knocked out with another punch. I look on as Trey and Tyler cart him off to his car and toss him in with a wave and a threat for him to move on quickly.
I wait silently as they both walk up to me. “Trey and I talked, and even though I don’t really like it too much, I have to admit I didn't really make you off limits nor were we in any way exclusive. We both care about you and enjoy being with and around you and couldn't decide between us what we should do, so we came here to ask you to decide who you want more. We were both going to offer an exclusive relationship, but now, after hearing what you said, that doesn't sound like a possibility.”
I step towards them and look them both in the eyes with a deep exhale, “I love you both. I can’t possibly choose. I understand if you both want to walk away, you will need to go back to finish your last year of school anyway.” I kiss them both on the cheek and walk back into my house feeling relief over my admission to them and myself.
When my door opens I watch as they both walk in and approach me, “I love you.” Tyler says with a deep kiss and a firm hand down my back and to my ass. He pulls back and my weak knees nearly give out on me before Trey catches me.
“And I love you too.” Trey says ripping open my shirt and kissing me from my lips down to my breasts. I look over and see Tyler undressing himself and taking me back from Trey. I get on my knees and take hold of his rapidly growing erection and stroke it deep into my mouth with a loving tongue down his shaft. When Trey removes his final piece of clothing I take hold of him and do the same. They both taste so good that I make sure to give their cocks every bit of attention they deserve. My efforts don’t go unnoticed when they pull me off the ground and rip my remaining clothes from my body. We touch, feel, squeeze and lick each other with no worries. I lift my leg up over Tyler’s shoulder as he moves down to my pussy, burying his face into me until he can taste everything I have to offer. Trey takes hold of my legs and opens me up wider for Tyler and I lie back dropping my head back to suck on Trey’s cock. I finger Tyler’s hair and look down between my legs when he stops for a second, “My turn.” He says changing places with Trey. My nipples are hard and excited and receive ample attention in between playing with my pussy and enjoying me sucking cock. Chairs get moved, pillows get thrown to the floor and when I reach out to push another one out of the way, Trey sits down in the floor and allows me a little more cock to enjoy. I get down on my hands and knees and crawl over to him rubbing it and sucking it with my bare ass high in the air. Tyler takes advantage and slips his now rock hard erection into my pussy and fucks me with a roaring appreciation. I cry out in pleasure and Trey smiles down at me taking hold of my face to enjoy a kiss. Tyler moves out and Trey turns me around to sit down on him; he slides right in and I ride him with Tyler enjoying the show. He licks his lips as Trey spreads my legs further to show his dick inside of me. My tits bounce wildly and Tyler kisses me, fondling them completely in his hands. Trey lets me go and Tyler pulls me on top of him. I sit up on him proudly thrusting my hips this way and that. The more he groans and cries out to me the more excited I get, but even more so when I feel Trey rub my back and kiss my neck and feel down to my ass, spreading it for his cock to move into. I feel them both inside me and I can’t hardly move the pleasure is so intense. I am pulled to my side, my legs lifted out as they take over, enjoying my body, Tyler kisses my lips, Trey squeezes my breasts and they both thrust in and out of me with wild moans of their own.
I take hold of Tyler with my left hand and Trey with my right not wanting them to stop, but when I begin to come I am sure I am going to pass out and have to scream to them, “I love you both.”
Trey comes with a final pump while Tyler jerks my leg up a little higher before grunting his final thrust and coming all over me. I am frozen in place, unable to speak even, and thankfully neither asks me to do much more than just lie there in their arms.

Thursday 6/12/14

I can barely move today and Tyler seems to find my stiff movements humorous. “Rough workout?” He laughs.
“Shut up.” I smile back at him.
“Excuse me Illana, but I would like to go with you today and meet these clients.” Kate says with Kim at her side. “Actually I believe both of us should go with you today. Kim is a very valuable asset to the company and I don’t believe you are capable of handling clients on your own anymore.”
I grab the last bag as we walk out, rolling my eyes with a sigh, “Sorry we don’t have time to wait, we can talk about it when we get back.” I lie, knowing we have presentations every day for the next week.

Monday 6/23/14

It’s been a week of avoiding Kate and Michael as they slowly take over the office. I sneak into office in the morning and grab what I need and sneak back in, late at night to finish up some work. Tyler and Trey do their best to help me out, but mostly they just give me the relief I need from the stress of it all. I can see the writing on the wall and know it is unlikely I am going to make it through this with my job, but the least I can do is make sure my clients know who I am and find value in what I can do for them. Everything was going great until I forgot a key piece of our last presentation at the office and Tyler volunteered to go in and get it for me.
He comes out an hour later not looking at all happy. “Did you get it?”
“No they fired me before I could leave. They had me unlock the files before I left so they could review them.” He says as my heart sinks. “I of course deleted most of the important information before they could see, that is after I saved it to my Dropbox.” I smile wide at him. “I guess I will finish this last one with you and then I am afraid you are on your own, Sweetheart.” I nod gripping his hand. The presentation goes perfectly, and luckily we thought enough to lie about the actual times in the office calendar. Soon as we are done, Kate and Kim show up to take over, assuming they would make it in time to kick me out and do the presentation themselves. Unfortunately for them their late arrival makes them look stupid and even more so when they force the client to stay and listen to their presentation as well. It couldn't be better for me, they make such fools out of themselves trying to make me look stupid that the clients end up firing the company. They apologize to me, saying they wish they could have worked with me, but if Kate insists on taking over they will have no part of this firm with me in it or not. I understood their reasons, and after finding out Kate has been calling all my clients, I now understand why I am hearing from all my clients. They start off asking what is going on but end by saying they have decided to go a different direction and offer a simple good luck to me before ending their messages to me. Instead of allowing them to simply give up on me, I call them all back and tell them I have started my own company and ask that they give me a chance. I go back to the office and begin packing it up and feeling a little depressed about leaving a firm I was once so passionate about being a part of. Then Kate walks in with her nose in the air and her overconfident attitude.
“I think we need to have a little chat about your attitude. I did not appreciate the way you handled yourself today, you cost us many clients and I just don’t know what we are going to do about such incompetence.” She continues on while I ignore her and continue packing and cleaning out information from the computer system that is mine. “Are you listening to me? If you do not straighten up I will be forced to put you on probation. As of right now I am demoting you to Kim’s assistant, she needs help on her big client anyway and if you do well then I will consider taking you off of probation.”
“No thanks.” I smile pleasantly.
“Excuse me, you will do as I say now. My father put me in charge of this office. Since that idiot before me was so reckless in his behavior, not to mention allowing you to get away with murder around here. The two of you nearly cost us every client we have!” She yells at me.
“No we didn’t, you did that, and I am sure you will manage to lose every other client too and cause this whole office to be closed up before the end of the year, because you really are that stupid and way too spoiled to realize that you are that stupid.” Her eyes widen as she stands with her jaw on the ground. “Don’t looks upset, I am sure you will be taken care of for the rest of your life just like you have been this far in your life. No one is going to force you to start thinking on your own at this point.” I stand up, pick up my things and smile wide, “Oh and I quit, you selfish, spoiled, moronic piece of shit. Good luck you are going to need it and … well, you can have Michael, he’s a jackass anyway, but please, don’t have kids, we have enough moronic jackasses in the world.” I exhale deeply smiling all over myself.
“You can’t quit, I demand you do as I say. You know it was me that trashed your office you Bitch! You deserved to be fired and I wish you had been! In fact, you’re fired!” She yells at me as I walk out the door feeling free.  
The reality of being without a secure paycheck hits me hard when I get home. How the hell am I going to do this? My own company, am I crazy? I can’t possibly figure this out before I run out of money. It costs a lot of money to start your own company and manage to live too. I need to … My phone suddenly rings and I answer it hesitantly.
“Hi Ms. Kane, this is Donald Peel, I think I will take you up on your offer and give you and your new company a shot at earning my business.” After thanking him profusely I hang up and scream collapsing to the floor and wondering if I can afford and if I can even find anyone I can trust to help me.
“Why are you laying the floor like that?” Tyler asks looking down at me.  
“I got my first client for my company.”
“That’s great!” Trey says cocking his head as he tries to align himself with the position of my body.
“No it’s not.”
“It’s not? Why?” Tyler asks.
“Because I don’t think I can do it by myself.”
Tyler squats down over me shaking his head, “Well don’t be silly of course you can’t, you are going to need us to help you.” He smiles.
“You are going to help me?”
“Sure, we only have a couple of classes left to deal with, but otherwise, we are all yours.” Tyler says as Trey nods. “Of course we would like to make sure that your new company will be offering benefits? You know like 401k, a health plan …”
“And sex, don’t forget the sex Tyler.” Trey adds in causing me to laugh.

“You’re both hired. Now reassure me before I change my mind.”  I reach out for them and pull them both down into the floor with me. This is going to be the best working environment ever!

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